Blair Kelsie

I am Father, Grandfather, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, CTO, Consultant, Mentor, Technology Enthusiast, and a work in progress…

I was originally born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My family moved to Saskatoon, “The City of Bridges”, when I was very young so I am a prairie boy at heart. However, my ingrained love of water and tropical places is a direct result of being born beside an ocean.

I attended the University of Saskatchewan where I received a B.Sc Honours in Software Engineering. I am a firm believer in the value of education and the idea that you should never stop learning new things.

Software development allows me to flex some of my best skills. I am a natural problem solver and pay close attention to detail. I like things to be organized and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I feel something is done well. I often feel like an artist. The keyboard is my paint brush, code is my paint and the machine is my canvas.

Our lives were meant to be lived as happy as they can be so find your reasons to smile… today!