Happy 2017!

At the beginning of every year, I choose two “evolutions”.  For 2016, I vowed to reclaim the moments that get lost in the swirling current of my life and spend them doing more things that bring me joy.  I also decided to challenge any excuses that would prevent me from venturing outside my comfort zone where new and life enriching experiences were waiting.  Like each year before, they helped promote growth in my life.

This year….


1. I will embrace change

Last year delivered many life-altering changes to my world and the worlds of those closest to me.  Some changes brought people together, renewed faith and hope and planted promising seeds of love, health and happiness.  Others imposed life-path changes, demanded fears be faced, transformed unhealthy relationships and brought balance and closure to troublesome places.  In each case, life never failed to illuminate how much better things had become in the wake of the change.

This year, I will proactively instigate change wherever and whenever I feel doing so will increase the level of joy and happiness in my world.  I will champion more of my growth by fully accepting the discomfort those changes may bring because I know they will ultimately improve the quality of my life.


2. I will be thankful

Last year’s changes were plentiful but some stood out above and beyond the rest.  They included the gift of meeting someone wonderful, delivery of another Grandson, challenges to my work/life balance, the passing of an old friend and being given a fresh notebook to continue writing my life’s story.  Each change in my world, happy or sad, led me to a better place than where I was before.

This year, I will be thankful for all of the changes that come because I know each will enrich my life in some way.  This year, I will have even more to be thankful for than I already am today.


I hope 2017 brings you many changes that place you ever closer to the happy life you truly imagined you would live.