Software built the way it should be.

My name is Blair Kelsie and I have been developing software for almost 20 years! I was playing with technology for years before pursuing formal training at the University of Saskatchewan where I obtained a B. Sc. Honours in Software Engineering. Since then, I have worked at multiple high-profile companies where I had the opportunity to work on various projects as Developer, Team Lead and Project Manager.

For many years I used some of my spare time to provide software consulting services to individuals and small businesses who could not afford the prices charged by large companies. As an independent consultant (operating under the sole-proprietorship of “SpeedingHot Software“), I did not have the overhead of renting office space or paying staff, etc. so I was able to offer high-quality work for lower costs. I occasionally provided services to bigger businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations.

I am currently not taking on new major endeavours but am still providing services for small projects like website creation/modification/etc.

Feel free to contact me!